Industrial marking and identification systems
Over 40 years of experience

BERMA offre le migliori soluzioni per la marcatura e la tracciabilità industriale, assicurando una completa integrazione con le linee produttive.
Realizza marcatrici a micropercussione, marcatrici laser e sistemi di marcatura completamente automatizzati mediante robot antropomorfi.

Dotpeen Marking

Reliable and precise marking machine with a mechanical DPM (Direct Part Marking) technology usable on any kind of industrial parts having max. 60 HRc of superficial hardness.
BERMA dotpeen marking systems are also available customized.

Laser Marking

Marking machine ideal for industrial codification with alphanumeric symbols, logos, Bar code and Data Matrix. This device can mark on several materials in a quick and exemplary way. BERMA laser marking systems are available in some “stand alone” version with the laser safety CLASS  1 and for the integrable device with laser safety CLASS 4.


The automations are designed and realized with the use of anthropomorphic robots for handling parts with different size and weight or to actively participate in the marking process.


BERMA Premio Mascagni 2018
Premio Mascagni 2018


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Targhetta laser MZ
Case History


How BERMA Macchine laser marking system has successfully met the product identification ...

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All of BERMA products are undergoing to the most strict LVD and EMC tests according to EU directives and the most important international standards.
Certified Management System ISO 9001:2015