The “MADE IN ITALY” artisan tradition faces the challenges of the global market

1974-2016 – since over 40 years “WE GET YOU TO THE POINT”

  • 1974


    “BERMA” was established in 1974 as new manufacturer of machines and equipments for Industrial Marking.

    The very first marker models MB60 and MB30 were installed in October 1974. The S/N 1 was, then, repurchased by BERMA 20 years later and it is now in exhibition at our headquarter. After a few years BERMA’s products quickly developed on the Italian market and started to be used in several production lines.



  • 1985

    BERMA 1985 Web

    In 1985 the company established its administrative branch and technical offices in Bologna, in the Fair district area, while its assembly shop and warehouse were in Monterenzio.

    Through regional financial contribution, arranged to promote technical innovation, BERMA built its first automatic markers with “daisy tool” employed for VIN marking on the motorbike chassis.

  • 1997


    In 1997 “BERMA” became “BERMA Macchine”.
    In the new headquarter in Budrio, we carry out the design of mechanical parts, the development of markers hardware & software, the assembling and testing of the whole range of markers we produce.

    Moreover we started the development of new dot peen markers (Mechanical, Hardware, Software) that have led to the first model MB1, commercialized since 1999.

  • 2003

    MB2-P80In 2003 at EMO Milan, BERMA presented its new and innovative portable dot peen marker MB2-P80 (pneumatic stylus), realized in cooperation with the most important companies of Agriculture sector, that allows to perform a very deep marking.

    In a short time this product has become the benchmark for the companies that requires to perform a marking on a big size parts, that it can be visible also later a painting or galvanizing process.

  • 2012

    BERMA Macchine enter in the laser marking market with a product line with a lot of innovative solutions for this sector. The product line include Stand Alone and integrables markers, with Fiber or CO2 sources.

    All those products can be infact used also without PC, through a specific User-Friendly interface. Also, with the latest updates of our PC software IDENTIFY”, it is possible to program both dot-peen and laser markers.

  • 2018

    Today BERMA is among the most popular companies in this specific sector. Our product range, includes all traditional metal deforming marking systems, starting from the manual hammer marking tools (also realized according to customer drawings), up to dot peen and laser marking systems that represent today a benchmark for robustness and reliability. BERMA can also supply collaborative robot applications to support the marking machine.



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  • All BERMA marking systems are subject to strict safety & EMC testing, according to the following CEE regulations :

    • 2006/42 CE
    • CEI EN 60204
    • CEI EN 61000
    • CEI EN 55011
    • IEC 60825
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