Dividing and separating panels


Standard and customized dividing and separating panels

In this moment of sanitary emergency we started the production of dividing and separating panels, standard or customizable, designed for all the activities where there is contact with the public.

The line of mobile dividing and separating panels has been designed to meet the needs of all those users who need to equip themselves with versatile and customizable products, characterized by a solidity and reliability that has always been recognized by our customers.
Innovation and improvement of people's habitat with innovative and versatile products. We put the customer and his projects at the center of our attention.

These products can also be used in offices and professional firms to separate the operator from the user and also the operators among them.
Additional protection, in the era of coronavirus infections, for a safe and Made in Italy design work environment, in the supermarket as in shops or restaurants, to better protect people.

To avoid close contact with customers, respecting everyone, simple and elegant "barriers" can be introduced in different materials and colors which, in addition to the standard solutions that can be used in offices, can also be custom-made on cash registers, showcases, etc.

Specifically, D41 model is a self-supporting screen designed to be placed on the bench of shops and receptions to further limit the possibility of contagion (anti droplet), made of transparent Plexiglass or in compact Polycarbonate with fire resistance class 1 (B-s1-d0), 6 mm thickness (essential for good resistance and rigidity) and equipped with special supports.

Suitable for checkout counters, supermarkets, public offices, banks, pharmacies, municipalities and all sales activities. It is equipped with a shape at the bottom to allow the passage of money, documents and objects, it can be positioned on flat surfaces without using screws, adhesives or other fixing systems.


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