Marking area 120 x 50 mm

The portable marking machine p120 has been studied with the clear purpose of making fast identification of bulky components, such as automotive frame, with weight and dimensions that cannot allow an easy handling on fix devices and need a long string.
The ergonomic handle guarantees a fast and safe grab. The working area allow to insert several line of code on the workpiece.

Portable dotpeen marking machine DOT5-p120
Electomagnetic stylus

The DOT5-p120 is easy to use and it is ideal to mark VIN code in the automotive sector to identify big workpiece.
It is equipped with an electromagnetic stylus with a 4 mm diameter that use a drive frequency up to 100 Hz. Thanks to the small dimensions it is the best solution for the user who needs to identify bulky components that don’t need surface treatment (painting, galvanization).

Portable dotpeen marking machine TOP5-p120
Pneumatic stylus

The marking machine TOP5-p120 is a high performance and powerful system ideal to do deep and precise marking of VIN or standard code.
It is possible to use stylus with 3 or 6 mm diameter and thanks to the pneumatic drive with 6 bar pressure, it allows to do marking up to 0,5 mm deep on steel without heat treatment that can be visible also after painting or galvanization.

Feature and advantage:

  • Hardware integrated inside the device
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Stand alone
  • USB, RS-232, TCP/IP (optional) connections
  • Easy to use and program
  • Possibility of remote assistance
  • Identify PC Software included
  • Import of BMP, DXF, PLT

201 x 279 x 386 mm