Scribing marking systems are used in applications where limitations are imposed on the noise level (such as in electro-welded carpentry with the use of tubes) where the use of dot peen devices would produce too high noise emissions.

TOP6-g100X version of BERMA Macchine guarantees a high ratio between precision and marking depth, even in applications where optical recognition of marked characters (OCR, Optical Character Recognition) is required.

g100X scribing marking head has a marking area of 100 x 60 mm2 and can be mounted on columns or integrated into other machines, production lines or robotic islands.

Main features:

- Quietness and precision: permanent direct marking on the part, without noise.
- Reliability: high marking repeatability degree, even in the most hostile environments.
- Power and Control: deep marking before or after surface treatments or light on reduced thickness parts.
- Connectivity: I/O, RS232 & USB ports as standard, Ethernet and Wi-Fi TCP/IP (optional).
- Integration: Integrated ASCII protocols (bermaCMD) and Modbus RTU fieldbus (Profinet optional).

Feature and advantage:

  • Reduced size Controller
  • Integrated Modbus RTU
  • Stand alone
  • USB, RS-232, TCP/IP (optional) connections
  • Easy to use and program
  • Possibility of remote assistance
  • Identify3 PC Software included
  • Import of BMP, DXF, PLT

263,4 x 227 x 267 mm