Leak Test Devices

  • What it is ?

    The leak tests determine the reliability of a component or of an industrial product.
    The instruments for the execution of these tests are based on specific physical principles and on measuring technologies, indicated in special international regulations.
    The most used method is that of measurement a pressure decay (D1, EN1779), since it is relatively simple, quick, objective, and more easily applicable on an industrial scale.

    Operating principle :

    The piece to be tested is filled with air at a higher pressure compared to the surrounding environment, it waits a sufficient length of time to allow air stabilization within the piece, then it directly measures the difference in pressure inside the piece during a specified time interval. If the piece has a leak, there will be a decrease in pressure proportional to the size of the leak.

  • Leak Test

BERMA Macchine pressure decay measurement leak test devices

They are divided into two families according to the used pressure regulator type:

The ABSOLUTE series uses a manual pressure regulator, used in the applications or test benches where the test pressure remains constant.

The MAGIC series uses a proportional electronic regulator, used for greater accuracy in test pressure setting, and where there is the need to change frequently the test pressure between the various types of pieces to be tested.


    manual regulator, ABSOLUTE series

  • Magic

    electronic regulator, MAGIC series