MAGIC – Electronic pressure regulator leak test device

  • Magic

    • 0 – 9 bar pressure range
    • Digital electronic pressure regulator
    • CPU 32 bit, 24 bit A/D converter, measurement resolution 1 ppm of full scale value
    • Measurement precision 0,25% of full scale value
    • Measurement process and results graphic visualization
    • 128 test programs
    • Internal memory for aprox. 2.000 results
    • Managment software for Windows
    • Results can be exported in Excel or CSV format
    • Connection for calibrated leak

Magic” is a leak test device designed to perform testing through measuring of absolute pressure decay.

The user interface with 128 x 64 display and keyboard allows the real time view of the testing trend. This process makes both setup and use of the device quick and easy.
The proportional pressure regulator with electronic drive, allow an extremely accurate adjustment of the testing pressure, and the high measuring resolution and testing precision, allows the execution of different types of testing, among which we have destructive resistance tests, safety valves opening tests, volumetric control tests, patency tests and sealed products tests.
Finally, the possibility to interface external automations, through digital I/O or ASCII protocol, the serial port to connect barcode readers and the function of testing results saving on a PC via USB cable and dedicated software, it makes “Magic” a complete and suitable device, suitable for most of the modern production procedures.

AUTOMOTIVE : Engine blocks and cylinder heads, valves, filters, fuel injection plants
HYDRAULIC & PNEUMATIC : Valves, cylinders, tanks, pipes
HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCE : Washing machines, water heaters, cookers, coffee machines
POWER TRANSMISSION : gearmotors, gearboxes

  • Instument type :
    Measuring range
    Pressure sensor accuracy
    Noise (typical)

  • MGC-01
    10-1000 mbar
    0,25% of full scale
    0,1 Pa + noise
    < 0,5 Pa

  • MGC-05
    0,1-5 bar
    0,25% of full scale
    0,5 Pa + noise
    < 1 Pa

  • ABS-09
    0,1-9 bar
    0,25% of full scale
    1 Pa + noise
    < 2 Pa

  • Interfaces :

    USB to Host : connection to PC, using of software for data storage and printing of the test reports

    Serial port RS-232 : bar code readers connection or remote control through ASCII protocol

    Digital I/O 24 VDC : interfacing to automation systems


Technical specifications

    • Pressure decay measurement (D1, EN1779)
    • Dimensions (LxAxP) 255x162x323 mm
    • Weight 4 Kg.
    • Power supply 24 VDC
    • Rated output 50 VA
    • Test Fluid Dried Air, filtered 5 μm, max. oil 30 mg/m3, dew point –20°C according to ISO 8573-1 Cl. 3
    • Programs 128Digital Inputs Start, Stop, Zero + 4 AUX
    • Output Digitali Ready, OK + 4 AUX
    • Connections 1 USB to Host, 1 RS-232
    • Calibrated leak connection Stäubli RBE 03
    • Storage temperature -20°C / 60°C
    • Working temperature 10° / 45°C
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