Dot Peen Marking DOTLITE

Dot Peen Marking

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What is it :

Dot peen marking is a mechanical DPM (Direct Part Marking) technology usable on any kind of industrial parts having max. 60 HRc of superficial hardness (or more on request). The line of DOTLITE devices, made by BERMA Macchine, make use of this technology.

Operating principle :

This devices are CNC machines, programmable via computer or special electronics, where a single punch (with pneumatic or electric drive) moved on two axes (XY), carries out very close micro-points, forming continuous or dotted lines (according to the parameters set by the user), so as to form letters, numbers or symbols which constitute the information to be shown on the object to be identified, deforming the contact area. The possibility of changing the actuating times of the punch, enables a fully adjustable marking depth, according to the material and the application of the piece to be marked.

Those devices can mark almost all geometries : marking on flat surfaces (example type plates), marking on round workpieces, radially or axially up to cone-shaped parts, and also marking on different levels of a workpiece can be designed any time.


DOTLITE dot peen marking systems production line


     Benchtop marking systems

    Ideal for the user who needs to identify in a simple and indelible way, maneuverable components (mechanical or not), with a compact and extremely reliable system.

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    Portable marking systems

    Especially designed for identification of workpieces with big sizes and weight that cannot be easily handled on a benchtop device.

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    Integrable marking systems 

    High performance systems especially designed to be integrated in other machines, automations or production lines.

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