• DOT5-i50

    Integrable system


    This system has been studied with the purpose of being easily integrated in other devices or production lines. It can perform very clear and deep markings that can guarantee a clear and indelible identification of the workpiece. These performances are possible through the work of the 4 mm electric pneumatic stylus.

    The marking area of 50 x 30 mm allows to insert easily several lines of code on the component. Restrained dimensions and weight guarantee an easy mechanical integration within other systems.

    The separated electronics of the marking head can be installed by the user in an easily accessible area. The rich supply of serial communication protocols (RS-232) added to the digital I/O port ensure a quick and complete integration with other devices.

  • TOP5-i80

In detail

Technical features

  • Electric Stylus  Ø 4 mm;
  • Stylus frequency 0 – 100 Hz;
  • Working area 50 x 30 mm;
  • USB and RS-232 connection;
  • IDENTIFY software included;
  • Marking head weight 4 Kg.
Dimensions Base Height Depth
 i50 128 mm 86 mm 297 mm



  • 100Hz
  • 15mm/s
  • 100%
    Easy integration


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