Portable Markers

LINEA DOTLITE PER SITO.226These systems have a sturdy construction with caged roller guide that allows to capitalize the performances of the pneumatic punch, up to 6 mm of diameter, to realize very deep markings.

The practical gun grip and the reduced weight of 5 Kg (TOP5-p80), gives the chance of working directly on the pieces, that, because of its dimensions and weight, cannot be moved under a fixed marking system.

The compact size electronic box offers an high storage capacity (up to 200 editable programs).

The user interface is simple and intuitive. The construction of the marking programs is assigned to the bundled software that allows to mark linear and circular texts, dates and counters, importing and creating logotypes. Jobs management and editing can be made directly on the machine without a PC, by the integrated membrane keyboard and graphic display.

The system is suitable for direct connection of RS-232 bar-code readers and contains various communication serial protocols (ASCII) for direct driving of the marking system from the Host PC.