Benchtop Laser Marking Machine – MIKRO

The laser marking machine MIKRO produced by BERMA MACCHINE can be easily installed on a bench or table. These stations respect the working safety regulation (CLASS 1 protection cabin – ISO EN 60825-1).

Completely designed and developed by BERMA MACCHINE, they represent the best solution for those companies that are looking for high standard of quality and reliability in their working processes, in any sector.

It is equipped with Fiber laser sources, allowing to obtain the most economical and suitable configuration according to the different requirements. These systems are suitable to work on every kind of metals and some types of plastic. This is the most flexible type of direct laser marking. The adjustable drive frequency of the laser source, allows to have the highest levels of control, quality and marking speed.

Fiber Laser Advantages:

  • Reduced maintenance and long lifetime of the laser source
  • High performance optics elements, low electrical consumption
  • High energy density that allows to obtain an high quality marking in a short time
  • Integrated red-pointer diode that allows an easy piece positioning
  • Direct and durable marking, without using of solvents, paintings or labels
  • Main Features :

    • Laser safety CLASS 1 cabin (CEI EN 60825-1) with visualization window
    • Sliding door for an easy access to the working area
    • Useful workpiece area 450 x 220 mm
    • Motorized column (z axis)
    • Working area with holes to fix equipments and “T” cave aligned to the focusing lens
    • Wavelength : 1064 nm
    • Output power : 20W (MIKRO-20F); 30W (MIKRO-30F)
    • Marking speed up to 1500 mm/s
    • Integrated red pointer (preview)
    • Marking on all kinds of material, even on hardness steels
    • Superficial or Deep Marking
    • Marking of alphanumeric texts, logos and images
    • Marking of 1D codes (Code 39, 2/5 Interleaved, Code 128 A/B/C, EAN 13)
    • Marking of 2D codes (Data Matrix ECC-200)
    • Stand alone system (PC unnecessary)
    • Integrated worktop illumination
    • Power supply 100-240 Vac, 50/60 Hz
    • Absorption 1,224kW
    • External dimensions 500 x 745 x 687 mm
  • Logo GalvoTek

The laser marking machine FBL is arranged to use fume evacuation devices.

Since over 40 years BERMA MACCHINE takes care of its customer’s needs, realizing also “high-customized solutions” in cooperation with specialized companies in the automation field. Those partners produce different loading systems, assuring the best integration for the production environments.


    • USB and RS-232 connections
    • Fume evacuation set-up


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