CLASS4 CO2 Lasers

  • FBL-i14C

CLASS4 CO2 Lasers are devices thinked to be integrated in other machines or systems. They produces a beam with 10600 nm of wavelength (0,0106 mm). These systems are suitable to work on organic materials as plastics, wood, leather, rubber, etc… They can also work on anodized materials because, in this case, the laser beam works for “ablation removing the anodization treatment and bringing visible the area of the underlying metal.

Using special sprays can also be used for the marking of metals.
In this case the laser beam works by setting the spray material deposited on the surface on the metal.

  • Advantages of CO2 Laser:

    • Proven and reliable laser source
    • High performance optics elements, low electrical consumption (<500 W)
    • Air cooling
    • Higher production rate for automotive, electronic, food and other industries
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Easy to integrate:

GALVOTEK systems by BERMA MACCHINE are designed to be integrated in other machines or in production lines, arranged for direct connection of bar-code readers through serial port RS-232. They can be driven by PC Host through several serial communication protocols (ASCII).

Focal lenses with different length and working areas are available:

  • f-75 – Working area 50 x 50 mm – Working distance: 75,9 mm – Spot diameter: 192 μm
  • f-100 – Working area 70 x 70 mm – Working distance: 102,8 mm – Spot diameter: 256 μm
  • f-150 – Working area 107 x 107 mm – Working distance: 152,7 mm – Spot diameter: 384 μm
  • f-200 – Working area 140 x 140 mm – Working distance: 204,3 mm – Spot diameter: 513 μm
  • Technical Features :

    • Wavelength : 10600 nm
    • Fixed drive frequency
    • Output power : 14W (FBL-i14C)
    • Marking speed up to 1500 mm/s
    • Marking of alphanumeric texts, logos and images
    • Marking of 1D codes (Code 39, 2/5 Interleaved, Code 128 A/B/C, EAN 13)
    • Marking of 2D codes (Data Matrix ECC-200)
    • Marking on the fly option with belt speeds up to 30 m/min
    • CO2 gas lifetime ≥ 7000 hrs