Data Matrix Marking

  • DM_2
  • What it is

    Data Matrix is a 2D matrix code, designed to allocate very long strings in a limited space.

    It is widely used in the electronics, aerospace and automotive industry.

    It offers an extremely efficient and decisive solution: the “Direct Part Marking – DPM”, creating a complete traceability of the production.

  • Operating principle

    The coding techniques is of public domain, using a correction system that guarantees quick and reliable readings.
    The code can allocate from 1 to 3116 numeric or 2335 alphanumeric characters, and it is theoretically scalable to any size within the limits of the technical systems of marking and reading.

  • Codes Reading and Verifications Tools

    In order to ensure that the marking of the codes is correctly performed, it is necessary to couple code verifier to the marking system. In the same way, it is necessary to use a specific tool to read the encrypted data.

    For this task BERMA relies on reliable and tested tools: LEUZE LSIS-422 (reader / verifier fixed) and FIS-6170 (hand-held scanner). Those offer many features, options of testing and reading for this type of code printed directly on the part.

  • DPM Dot Peen 2D Code Marking

    data matrix

  • DPM 2D Code Laser Marking

    data matrix 2


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