Laser Marking


BERMA’s staff helps you find the solution, standard or customized, that best suits your identification, marking and traceability needs.

Laser engraving markers are ideal for industrial coding with alphanumeric characters, logos and codes such as Data Matrix, QR Code and bar code, operate on different materials in an extremely fast and qualitatively unexceptionable manner. Berma laser markers are available in different "stand alone" versions in safety class 1 and as a unit for integration in safety class 4.

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The laser markers produced by BERMA use a galvanometer a scanning head with two galvanometers, associated with a laser source.
The range includes different models of "Stand Alone" laser machines in safety class 1 or OEM systems for integration, in safety class 4.

The laser engraving marking systems produced by BERMA allow to realize industrial codings, with alphanumeric characters, logos and codes like Bar-code and Data Matrix, on several materials in an extremely fast and qualitatively impeccable manner. They can be used in various product sectors, even on components where a mechanical incision of the surface is not tolerated.

The laser marking machine allow to vary different parameters of the radius, to adapt the configuration of the beam to the different needs of laser engraving, ensuring the highest levels of control, quality and speed.

All the laser marking devices BERMA are equipped with an user-friendly interface and its can be used also without PC. With the new and innovative software “IDENTIFY3” is possible to realize and manage difficult marking programs.

This laser are entirely developed and designed inside BERMA factory and represent the best solution for those companies that are looking for high standard of quality and reliability in their working processes, in any sector.
BERMA collaborate with company specialized in the automation sector to realize customized marking solutions using several loading sistems to ensure a good integration of their laser marking machines inside the production lines.

How it works the laser marking?

The laser marking is an heating process, generated by a bright beam (Laser) amplified and localized. This beam impacting on a surface, modifies it permanently.
Laser marking machines are a valid option to less effective sistems that produce a less durable marking.

It is possible to make different types of marking processes:

Engraving: it creates a cavity due to the removal of the material, it is resistant, long lasting and fake proof

Annealing: creates a permanent marking induced by heat, without removing or compromising the material

Ablation: removes paintings or surface coatings to create a contrast without damaging the base material

• In relief: It blends a micro-layer of material, which when cooled creates the marking in relief

What are the type of laser and what are the differences?

The laser engraving could be done  ith different wavelenght sources.
The fiber laser marking is the most flexible engraving between the available source.

Laser markers advantages:

• Reduced maintenance and long lifetime of the laser source

• High performance optics elements, low electrical consumption

• High energy density that allows to obtain an high quality marking in a short time

• Integrated red-pointer diode that allows an easy piece positioning

• Direct and durable marking, without using of solvents, paintings or labels

• Higher production rate for automotive, electronic, food and other industries

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  • Fiber laser marking machines

    - class 1 laser systems
    - automatic Z axis control
    - incorporated remote support

    Fiber laser marking machine produced by BERMA can be easily installed on a bench or table. These stations respect the working safety regulation (CLASS 1 protection cabin – ISO EN 60825-1).

    These devices are equipped with near-infrared fiber laser sources with power from 20 to 30W, dependig to the model, and are suitable to work on every kind of metals and some types of plastic.

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  • High productivity laser marking machines

    - systems up to 7 axis
    - systems with rotary table
    - Industry 4.0 Ready

    Special high-productivity solutions for laser marking with assembly on comfortable wheels that allow the machine to be moved easily.

    Thanks to the special protection cabin in CLASS 1 (ISO EN 60825-1), these machines can be used in different environments, in full compliance with workplace safety regulations.
    BERMA high productivity laser marking machines are equipped with fiber laser sources, with power from 20 to 100W depending on the model.
    They are suitable for processing all metals and also many types of plastics.

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  • OEM laser marking systems

    - classe 4 devices
    - MODBUS, Profinet, bermaCMD protocols
    - optoisolated I/O port

    The laser marking systems for integration are studied to be integrated in other manhines or systems and belong to the laser safety CLASS 4.

    These devices are set for the direct connection via RS-232 or TCP/IP and are also equipped with several access protocol proprietary (bermaCMD) and standard (MODBUS) for the for direct driving of the marking system from the Host PC.
    The synchronization is guaranted by the 24VDC digital I/O on the specific connector.
    All the marking machines for integration made by BERMA are light and have small dimensions. The controller is separated and it can be installed in a easily accessible area.

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