BERMA’s staff helps you find the solution, standard or customized, that best suits your identification, marking and traceability needs.

Thanks to the experience gained in over 45 years of activity in the field of coding and industrial traceability, BERMA also produces customized marking systems with different technologies. They are highly reliable and precise systems that can also use robotic and non-robotic automations and are supplied with "Industry 4.0 Ready" expertise and are therefore fully integrable with ERP software and other machinery.

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BERMA has taken up, well in advance, the challenge for what is now called in jargon INDUSTRY 4.0.

The mix of know-how acquired in the course of more than 45 years of activity has allowed BERMA to seek and offer its customers integrated solutions for the realization of their products. The market has increasingly pushed BERMA to adapt to the numerous requests of its customers and new potentials, in order to offer itself as the sole actor for the conception, design and development of entire automated marking and traceability systems.
The integration of a production process by a single interlocutor makes it possible to obtain a better product at a lower cost.

  • Automations & integrations

    - cost reduction
    - rational and efficient use of labor
    - reduction of machine set-up times
    - constant repeatability of the work cycle times
    - reduction of machine stops due to human errors

    BERMA design and manufacture marking systems completely automated with anthropomorphic robots.

    Depending on the type of application and the size and weight of the parts, it is possible to use automation for handling, or to actively participate in the marking process.

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  • Impact marking systems

    - robust and reliable
    - high speed

    Impact marking systems are suitable for marking, riveting, chamfering, numbering, punching, cutting, etc. and in all those operations that require a regular and uniform impact.
    The impact energy is easily adjustable and remains constant even by varying the thickness of the workpiece and the impact energy is discharged only when the tool rests on the workpiece.
    The useful passage light of the part is adjustable by moving the machine body along the column.

    The impact marking systems can be supplied with:

    • Manual lever operation
    • Pneumatic drive with two-button safety control

    BERMA Macchine devices that use these technologies are highly reliable and precise.

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  • ID-Leak leak test devices

    - Test method D1 EN1779, absolute pressure decay

    - TCP/IP Wi-Fi connectivity – Industry 4.0

    ID Leak: User Friendly Technology

    Our leak testing devices are the result of an accurate design and industrialization process.

    They are perfectly adaptable to any layout and production line, perfectly legible and easy to use,
    to ensure maximum productivity and reliability of the production process

    ID-Leak instruments, accessories and software guarantee precise and reliable leak testing in any application field.

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