Our staff is available to the customer with a wide range of services:

• pre sale: finding the best solution, standard or customized, for customer needs of identification and marking

after sale: ensuring prompt and highly specialized assistance for every BERMA brand product


The design and assembly of all components of our marking machines (mechanical - hardware - software) takes place within the company. This makes us a complete and reliable partner able to respond promptly and professionally to any type of need expressed by customers.
We have a unique hardware and software platform that unites all the BERMA systems and makes their use simple and intuitive.


One of our strengths consists in the ability to provide fast and competent response to every customer's express need, providing all the knowledge and skills gained in the field of industrial marking in over 40 years of work.
We are specialized in providing fully integrated solutions to the lines and production processes of the customer.


BERMA Customers are never alone, they can always count on a fast and competent technical staff at their disposal.
Our systems are equipped with a remote technical support service through a customized version of Supremo software that allows us to attend promptly in case of machine malfunctioning.
In addition, a telephone line dedicated to assistance is activated (+39 051 6926917), to enable us to immediately manage any problems reported by our customers.

+39 051 6926917

High quality

BERMA has obtained from TÜV Italia the ISO 9001:2015 certification of its management system to guarantee the highest levels of quality and reliability of the company.

By choosing BERMA customers can be sure to work with a serious and reliable partner and with high quality products.

pre-sale and post-sale services
BERMA products’ assistance

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+39 051 6926917

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