Anti-droplet dividing and separating panels

Anti-droplet dividing barriers in polycarbonate (class 1 of fire resistance) for the protection of people in the workplace or in shops and activities open to the public and for maintaining safety distances.

In this moment of medical emergency, Berma has started the production of anti-droplet dividing panels by offering a wide range of models:

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Berma anti-droplet panels dimensions

All our anti-droplet barriers are available in different sizes to adapt to various contexts and can also be supplied to measure, with customizable size according to the customer's needs.

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Why choose Berma anti-droplet panels?

     • Easy to clean and sanitize
     • Produced in transparent polycarbonate in class 1 fire resistance (B-s1-d0)
     • Unbreakable
     • Some models do not require screws for installation
     • Transparent and non-invasive
     • Customizable dimensions
     • Wide range of models in the catalog
     • UV protection
     • Some models are also available in Plexiglass

Where are safety barriers used and why?

The dividing panels in transparent polycarbonate in class 1 fire resistance are widely used in all activities where there is contact with the public and in locations or offices frequented by several people. The need to divide the operator from the user is essential today for the safety and prevention of infection.

Characteristics of our Made in Italy dividing panels

Berma anti-contagion dividers are versatile, light and transparent, making them less invasive and able to maintain the brightness of the rooms. Like all Berma products, anti-contagion panels are also characterized by solidity and reliability, which has always been recognized by our customers.
Berma partition barriers are Made in Italy products, able to guarantee a safe environment for your customers and employees, keeping the design of your premises unchanged.

How do you clean panels and partitions?

Berma anti-contagion panels are easily cleaned with alcohol-based detergents. To keep the rooms safe, we recommend sanitizing the walls and panels frequently.

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