The laser marking machine for integration INTEGRA is designed to be insert in other machines or production lines.
It is equipped with fiber 1060 - 1085 nm laser sources with 20W and 30W power.
It is suitable to work on every kind of metals and a lot of types of plastic.
The FBL-iF systems are set for the direct connection via RS-232 or TCP/IP and are also equipped with the serial access protocol (ASCII) for the for direct driving of the marking system from the Host PC and the direct connection of bar-code readers.
With this device is possible to create linear and circular alphanumeric texts, logos, barcodes and 2D codes (Data Matrix and QR code).
Is it possible to connect the marking machine with an encoder or a photocell by an optional X122 board that allow to manage the “marking on fly” of a moving workpiece.
The optical unit of this device has high performance and low consumption that guarantee high density of energy that allow to have a permanent marking in a short time.
The positioning of the markings is facilitated by the integrated red-pointer.

Feature and advantage:

  • Marking Area
    112 x 112 mm (lens F160)
    174 x 174 mm (lens F254)
  • Digital I/O 24VDC
  • Keyboard integrated inside the controller
  • USB, RS-232, TCP/IP (optional) connections
  • Stand alone system
  • Possibility of remote assistance
  • Easy to use and program
  • Import of BMP, DXF, PLT
  • Laser safety Class 4 cabin
  • Integrated red-pointer
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Long laser lifetime

102 x 145 x 360 mm