BERMA technology for your production process

The experiences acquired in 50 years of activity in industrial marking are combined with the transversal skills gained in the construction of leak test instruments and in the design, construction and installation of customized automated testing and traceability systems for the production process.

We create both, hardware and software parts, guaranteeing interconnection with your MES-ERP systems.

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Highest efficiency for the Control and Traceability of your production process

Based on the characteristics of your products, we analyse and identify the most suitable solution to optimize the productivity of your process, granting the highest level of control and traceability.

50 years of experience in the design and production of industrial marking machines, skills acquired in the creation of leak test instruments, knowledge in industrial automation, and hardware and software integration: this allows us to analyse your needs in every single detail, quickly identifying the most effective solution.

BERMA has been operating since 1974: the steady search for excellence and the careful selection of collaborators and supply chain partners allow us to provide you with continuous support before, during and after implementation.

We personally manage all implementation phases: from the initial analysis of the needs of your production process, to design and construction, up to installation in the field. Our specialized technicians are always at your disposal.

The close collaboration between production departments and R&D area allows us to design and create completely customized automation solutions based on the specific requirements of your production process, with the highest accuracy in the shortest time.

Technical knowledge and experience in the field are combined with consolidated IT skills, which allow us to design and program proprietary software and “ad hoc” platforms for the management of data flows and interconnection with your management and control systems (MES , MRP, etc.).

  • Automated Benches and Cells

    - cost reduction
    - rational and efficient use of labor
    - reduction of machine set-up times
    - constant repeatability of the work cycle times
    - reduction of machine stops due to human errors

    BERMA design and manufacture marking systems completely automated with anthropomorphic robots.

    Depending on the type of application and the size and weight of the parts, it is possible to use automation for handling, or to actively participate in the marking process.

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  • CRAFTYBOX - Serving drawer units

    - increased autonomy of unsupervised work
    - considerable reduction in occupied ground space
    - automatic drawer opening / closing
    - control touch display (master / slave)
    - integrated Profinet fieldbus

    We build serving systems equipped with drawers for the storage of products to be processed on the machine or plant, designed for integration with robots for loading/unloading the part.

    CRAFTYBOX automatic serving drawer units allow you to significantly increase the production autonomy of your system and your robotic cell. They also allow you to optimize the storage space of the parts to be machined.

    The automatic opening / closing drawers, featuring a standard capacity of 30 kg (customizable as per the specific application) are completed with part containment templates, designed according to the requirements of the part to be handled.
    The positioning on ground-placed steel guides guarantees the repeatability of the alignment.

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