After the major innovations of 2022, with the introduction of the ID-Leak leak test instruments and the renewal of BERMA's Laser Marking Machine range, the goals for 2023 are based on two key concepts: Automation and Integration.

Our consolidated skills, always shared by the entire staff, allow us to broaden the horizons of our market, addressing not only our 'traditional' customers of stand-alone machines, but also the users of Integrated and Automatic Equipment.
The deep and "nativel" synergy between BERMA Industrial Marking Machines and ID-Leak leak test instruments, whose full potential we have realised in the last months, represents the first step towards our development goals: offering integrated products and systems between marking machines and leak test tools will allow us to offer increasingly complete solutions to maximise process productivity, thus improving the competitiveness of both our company and our customers.

In addition to this, we want to give further value to our know-how by extending the integration of our products to other automation systems: robots, line supermarkets, conveyors, sensors, measuring instruments and all the other components of automated production lines will be the 'travel companions' which our products will dialogue and cooperate with, always to improve the profitability and competitiveness of our customers: this is in fact the road that enables us to get the market success we want to achieve and keep through the timeline.

We will do it together!
Sharing each other's skills and experience every day, fostering and stimulating moments of confrontation, dialogue and mutual support represents an absolute Value for us, which we want to increase over the time.


Fabrizio Bergamini

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