1974 - 2024: 50 years of BERMA technology


2024 marks a very important milestone for our company: we are celebrating 50 years of activity!

While ABBA won the Eurovision Song Contest, West Germany won the football World Cup and Volkswagen produced the first Golfs, Mauro Bergamini launched this splendid adventure called BERMA, building his first industrial marking systems.
During five decades of development, the initial idea has transformed into a strong reality, capable of best responding to the continuous technical evolution of the market.

Since a few years Mauro has been enjoying a well-deserved rest after "passing the baton" to Fabrizio, who is firmly guiding BERMA towards the new challenges of digitalisation and automation.

The values of a family, the strength of a territory made up of hard-working people, the constantly updated skills and the aim to always be one step ahead: that's BERMA, looking towards the future for 50 years!

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