i80-Wi-Fi (Dot-peen)

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Automotive engine marking
DOT6-i80-Wi-Fi dot peen marking system

The revolution in the integrated dot peen marking

DOT6-i80-Wi-Fi dot peen marking system for integration, establishes a new market benchmark as it contains in a space never so small a linear mechanics with 80 x 50 mm working area and high-performance electronics with USB, Wi-Fi, digital I/O and RS-232 connections on which it is possible to remotely control the unit both via ASCII bermaCMD protocol or via Modbus-RTU (Ethernet and Profinet with optional card).
These features ensure easy interaction in other systems, production lines, robotic islands and automation in general.
The marking head with integrated electronics is extremely robust and requires minimal maintenance.

Easy to use, this integration marker can work on parts of various shapes and on surfaces of any material, including plastics and hardened steel (up to 62HRC).
Depending on the application in which it is inserted and positioned, it may be necessary to protect the marking head from dust, shavings, splashes of water, oil or other agents through a special protective hood made of technical material.

Marking machine for integration DOT6-i80-Wi-Fi
Electromagnetic stylus

Compact and simple to use, DOT6-i80-Wi-Fi is a robust solution to meet the need for the identification of patrs within an automated system where a large marking area is required.

Uses an electrically operated 4mm diameter punch, with a max. of 100 Hz, and thanks to its compact size it is the ideal solution for identifying components that DO NOT require subsequent surface treatments.

Wi-Fi connection to Identify3 marking software or MarkApp for Android

The integrated Wi-Fi connection allows the system to be connected to the company network without wires and thus to be able to easily use the included powerful Identify3 marking software.

It is also possible to manage the remote panel on the MarkApp Android App, freely downloadable from the Play Store.

DOT6-i80-Wi-Fi OEM Marking System

Ultra-compact marking system for integration into other machines or automatic production lines

Feature and advantage:

  • Hardware integrated in the marking head
  • MODBUS RTU, ASCII protocol and 24 VDC digital I/O
  • Stand alone
  • USB, RS-232, TCP/IP (Wi-Fi) connections
  • Easy to use and program
  • Possibility of remote assistance
  • Identify3 PC Software included
  • Import of BMP, JPG, DXF, DWG, SVG

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