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Marking and leak test integration

The industrial applications of the automotive, power transmission and hydraulic and pneumatic components industry require a strictly correlated use between the leak test instruments and the marking systems for the part validation throughout the production process.

In fact, the integration between these devices contributes to maximizing the process productivity and effectiveness, because it can be managed by a unique command and control interface, which allows the marking of the part only if the required product/process conditions are complied.

ID-Leak instruments and BERMA marking systems share the software platforms and follow the same operating logics in order to optimize their integration, with a positive impact on the productivity of the process.

BERMA industrial marking systems and ID-Leak instruments can be integrated each other natively, making BERMA Macchine the reference partner for the design, configuration and construction of equipment for part and components testing and traceability within the industrial production process.

Marking and leak test integration

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