Signomat marking devices can work over all electroconductive surfaces reliably and with high-contrast.
Thus Signomat is suitable both for marking individual parts as well as for the electrochemical marking of small, medium and large series.

Signomat S2e is the smallest and cheapest item in Schilling Marking Systems' series of marking devices. Compact, simple and fast: ideal for everyone who would like to mark small numbers of parts permanently and inexpensively from time to time. It is especially suitable for marking metals.

Signomat S100 marking devices are equipped with electronic short-circuit protection, microprocessor controls and a digital, illuminated display that makes it easier for you to set the marking parameters. Thus you immediately see the exact marking time and the light-dark choice of the marking type. As standard, a foot switch comes with each marking device, with which the start of the marking process can be triggered. When the set marking time has passed, an acoustic signal indicates to you that the marking process has ended.

Signomat S100 marking device allows you to select the marking tension. You have the opportunity to mark with 12, 18 or 24 Volt. Higher marking tensions are necessary for example for marking non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, in the case of surface-treated parts, large signs and graphics and for the use of some low-corrosion electrolytes.

Signomat S200 marking device have a fixed marking tension of 12 Volt, sufficient for approximately 95% of all marking uses for small and medium-sized marking series. When the set marking time has passed, an acoustic signal indicates to you that the marking process has ended.

The shape of your workpiece to be marked is of no importance. The marking stencils can be adapted to almost all workpiece geometries – flat, convex, concave or round surfaces. With the Signomat marking device you can electrolytically mark your parts quickly, easily and economically.

For medium-sized marking series, you can combine your marking device with expansion systems that make precise positioning easier for you with various holders. Work-holding unit L1 and Etch-Station M1 are especially suited to the Signomat.

Feature and advantage:

- Electrolytic marking of metal parts with different shapes and sizes on flat, convex, concave or round surfaces.
- Marking of letters, numbers, brands, scales, dates and logos.
- Wide range of application for trade and industry.
- Ideal for small series.
- Expandable to full automation thanks to the unit construction system.
- Versatile, robust and resistant.
- Light or dark marking with exact adjustment of the application time
- Adjustable working current 12V/18V/24V

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