Adaptive electrical grippers and force sensors

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Schunk EGU gripper
Schunk SGW gripper

These electric grippers are able to self-adapt to the geometry of the object to be manipulated.
They are flexible organs that provide great versatility and ease of use.
The servo grippers, parallel or centric, are designed to manipulate a large variety of objects using a single gripping element, eliminating the use of systems for quickly gripper changing.

These products offer the flexibility necessary to automate the most varied processes that require the use of a high mix of parts to be manipulated such as machine tool tending, assembly, welding, packaging, pick and place.

Feature and advantage:

    • High payload related to gripper’s weight
    • Wide stroke options
    • Modalità di presa Parallela, Interna e Avvolgente
    • Position, speed and strenght check
    • Digital signal when pick
    • Real time position feedback


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