Free to mark anywhere.
Battery-powered dot peen marking system.

Innovative and functional marking system, light but with an excellent compromise between mechanical stability and easy handling. It is a machine completely independent of any external power source, designed to mark freely, thanks to the 18V lithium ion battery. It is also equipped with an electromagnetic stylus with temperature control that prevents the creation of potentially harmful overheating.

It’s useful marking area is 74x30 mm (standard version) or 140x30 mm (XL version) and is sold with two batteries supplied.

Inside it is mounted a latest-generation electronic control, with a 32-bit processor, which allows you to create, save and manage up to 1000 different marking layouts completely independently of the PC.

PIKKYO™ is equipped with a double ergonomic handle that allows a stable and safe grip both to right and left-handed people and to a support mask with adjustable dimensions that can be adapted to the different working surfaces. This highly reliable marker does not require any special maintenance and is equipped with the standby function for energy saving which allows a longer battery life. Among the various options it is possible to have the column for its use in benchtop applications.

The new Identify3 PC software also represents a decisive step forward for the management of dot peen marking devices, being able to generate layouts containing any Windows font, Logos, Data Matrix codes, to import data from Excel files and to give access to the remote assistance by a BERMA technician.

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PIKKYO, free to mark anywhere

Battery-powered dot peen marking system

Feature and advantage:

  • Electromagnetic stylus with temperature control
  • 320x240 color display, Marking layout preview
  • Support mask with adjustable dimensions
  • 32-bit processor, up to 1000 layouts internal storage
  • Double ergonomic handle for right and left-handed people
  • USB-B port, PC Connection, software Identify3
  • Li-Ion battery I8VDC, Indicative duration: 115 min. of marking
  • Wi-Fi TCP/IP integrated

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